5 Reasons to Move to Huntingburg, Indiana

If small-town living is your cup of tea, welcome to Huntingburg, Indiana! This friendly little city in SW Indiana has a population of slightly less than 7,000 residents, with all age groups represented from young millenials to retirees. Known affectionately as the “Hollywood of the Midwest”, many of the citizens boast of being extras in several of the movies that have been filmed here. The most famous of these was “A League of Their Own”. While Huntingburg may not have all the amenities of the big city, it is within an hour’s drive or less to several larger cities.

1. Cost of Living
The cost of living in Huntingburg is below the national average, making it a very affordable place to live, work, and play. The majority of residents are considered middle-class, yet are able to live quite comfortably.
Manufacturing is the main industry here, with furniture and cabinetry taking the lead.

2. Climate
Long, warm summers and short, cold winters make up the general yearly weather forecast. While rainfall most years averages in the range of 47 inches, winter snowfall is usually less than a foot.

3. Education
Although there is only one each elementary, middle, and high school, they are all highly rated and have a higher than average graduation rate. Many graduates continue on to institutes of higher learning in nearby cities and beyond.

4. Things To Do
Quaint little specialty and antique shops line the Historic District in downtown Huntingburg, a haven for history buffs and shoppers alike.
Nearby Dubois County Park/4-H Fairgrounds is the hub for outdoor activities. Featuring numerous campsites, walking and hiking trails, both tennis and basketball courts, two lakes for fishing, a new disc golf course, and much more for family-friendly outings, this area is the pride of the residents of Huntingburg.
Numerous special events take place throughout the year for residents and visitors to enjoy.

5. Real Estate
A big part of the low cost of living in Huntingburg is the real estate. Median home prices are only around $105,000, with property taxes averaging slightly above $1,000 per year.
There aren’t many apartments to choose from here currently, but plenty of rental homes available. Average rent is in the range of $550. New home construction is on the rise, and apartment buildings are in the planning stage.

With a low crime rate along with a low unemployment rate plus the reasons listed above, Huntingburg is an ideal place to raise a family or spend your retirement years.